Various this-iries and that-iries of the ever prolific-ish Nathan Guerra.


Slated to be one of the world's leading vampire doctors (that's a doctor who specializes in vampires, not a doctor who is himself a vampire) Nathan Guerra dropped out of the medical field to pursue his true passion, designing customized slammers for professional pog players. Now he moonlights as a film maker, photographer, podcaster, comedian, and artist. So click around and enjoy his lil side projects.



Look at all the pictures! Family pictures, head shots, dog photos and more!


Do you like movies? Me neither. But here are some great short films for those other weirdos who like this sorta thing.



What are podcasts? Good question. They are like radio, but on the internet, but syndicated, and you can listen any time? Ya know what? They're magic. Enjoy!